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I will work with business owners and community leaders to create a business-friendly environment that fosters the growth and creation of new jobs.


I will work to strengthen Florida’s education system. I support school choice for parents without diminishing the ability of our public schools to be successful. Education is a lifelong endeavor, and I believe that college tuition should be more affordable to ensure that our preschoolers today will be able to afford a college degree tomorrow.


I will champion reliable and efficient transit options to address the congestion most of our residents face on a daily basis, but we must immediately reduce the disproportionate burden that increasing toll roads place on our community.  

"Many families in West Dade pay as much as $1,500 a year in tolls just to get to and from work and that is simply unacceptable."


I will champion legislation that helps protect our children and seniors and helps strengthening families in our community.


As your State Representative, lowering taxes for Florida’s working families and small businesses will be a top priority in order to ease the burden on families and create more economic opportunities in our communities.  I will work to simplify and reduce the numerous burdensome regulations that stifle entrepreneurship and the growth of small businesses in our State.

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